I forgot to mention a thrilling event that took place during the painting process. I was nearly finished sanding the canoe, working my way from the stern to the bow, when I noticed an off-coloured smudge adjacent to the copper trim that caps off the bow.

Can you see it?

You can imagine my first impression when I stood back to observe the smudge. Had I sanded down to a remnant of gray-blue paint? Is this classic green hue hiding an entire dove gray canvas? Is it possible that this is not a Prospector after all, but a Cruiser purchased in, say, 1915?  This fantasy raced through my mind in about 1.5 seconds and left me shivering. Then I was struck by the obvious: duct tape. At some point, someone must have duct-taped the bow to prevent a leak, and they missed a small piece when they removed it; further evidence that this baby might not be happy in the water. This very brief event would make for an excellent start to a mystery novel. Next project, maybe.

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