Gallery Portage 4: Peterborough

map of portage

A = Kitchener, B=Owen Sound, C=Haliburon, D=Algonquin, E=Peterborough

Canoe installations in the winter? Driving a rented 16-foot truck from Kitchener to Algonquin Park in February is not well advised. Snow squalls and bad tires have become an integral part of this adventure. No matter. This portage went very well.

We snuck the installation out on a Sunday afternoon, spent Superbowl night in Huntsville (no dog-sledding, unfortunately), and headed to the Canoe Museum in Peterborough. I mentioned in a previous post that the Algonquin Visitor Center is “ample.” Well, the Canadian Canoe Museum is more than ample — it’s capacious.

canadian canoe museum interior

Inside the Canadian Canoe Museum – Capacious

We were very fortunate to have a tour of the the “archives,” guided by Museum Director, Jeremy Ward. He told us that the warehouse was once described to him as a cathedral, and I think this is very apt.


canoe museum warehouse

“The Cathedral”

The warehouse is home to hundreds of canoes in varying states of repair. There is a sense of reverence in this space, and I am grateful to Jeremy for sharing it with us.

Jeremy Ward and Marcel O'Gorman in Canoe Museum Warehouse

Jeremy Ward and I inside
“The Cathedral”

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