Installing at Algonquin

Once again, Pouya and I hit the road, ready to put our trusty canoe-stringing implement to work once again. This time we made chose a 25lb weight of string, rather than 30lb, which makes for faster wrapping but interrupts functionality of the touch screens because it’s so heavy.

We noted that the crack in the gunnel of the canoe, which we discovered in Haliburton, hand gotten worse. The string applies a great deal of pressure on the entire vessel, making it creak and moan as we wrap it. We added some buttresses between the walls of the canoe, which made the beast more sturdy.

Wrapping went very well, and the screens all interacted in a lively way. Three new laptops are now dedicated to this project only, which makes for uniform delivery of the interface. Very anxious to see how it holds up.

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