Gallery Portage 3: Algonquin Park

map of southern ontario

A = Kitchener, B=Owen Sound, C=Haliburon, D=Algonquin Visitor Centre

The fourth installation of Myth of the Steersman takes us back to the site of its “baptism.” This trip, from Haliburton to Algonquin, was an adventure in steersmanship as it involved navigating through snow sqalls, hoisting the installation over a railing on an icy walkway at Rails End Gallery, and loading the beast into the truck en route for Algonquin. Fortunately, I had my trusty assistant and sturdy advisor with me — the one who also excels at dogsledding.

The project was supposed to be installed at the Algonquin Art Centre, but it was simply too large to fit into their space. Fortunately, Justin Peter at at the Visitor Centre, which on Highway 60 near the East Gate, was kind enough to offer his ample space for the installation. The Visitor Centre is ample indeed, boasting a number of interactive exhibits (including one of old Tom himself), a theatre, taxidermy, and a very impressive lookout that spans out over the park. Myth of the Steersman was docked right on the main floor, in an alcove that seemed designed for the installation.

I am told the installation can expect to be viewed by thousands of visitors. This makes me a little nervous, since it is becoming increasingly fragile as time goes on. We will see how it holds up.

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