Monitoring the Canoe

I have been too busy working on this project to actually document it. That’s my issue with blogging in general. But these photos give a good idea of the steps we have taken to get the monitors into the canoe.

Pouya the "glue-ya" Emami.

The first thing we had to do was crack open the very nice Acer 27″ touch-screen monitors purchased for the project. I started cracking one open myself and just couldn’t go through with it. The controls seemed to be glued into the bezel (monitor frame), and I figured we would have to do some sawing. So I handed this destructive task off to Pouya, who had no problem with the job since he, after all, didn’t have to pay for the monitors! Pouya managed to find the magic tab that released the bezel, so no sawing was required in the end. Once they were cracked open and the bezels were off, we had to glue the interior pieces together so they wouldn’t jiggle around (see above).

Monitor arm ready to go.

We secured three pieces of plywood to the floor of the canoe, where we could attach the monitor arms. The arms themselves are designed for TV’s. Off the shelf at Best Buy. My very generous neighbour Peter tried to set me up with the fanciest monitor arms in the world, but they proved to be overkill for this project. We only needed to raise monitors about 8 inches from the base of the canoe.

Monitors and plumbline.

Getting the monitors lined up was no easy task. We ended up using a plumbline, which worked quite well. We had to shim up each monitor with added pieces of 2×3. Another snag. And speaking of snags, the next post will describe the fishing line adventure. All 12 kilometres of it.

Here’s a shot of the fishing-line-on-monitor test, which yielded great results.

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