On Sunday I gathered a courageous crew, and we portaged from my house to Victoria Park for a video shoot.

Headed down Schneider Ave with Pouya "the canoe-ya!" Emami.

The purpose was to capture some images of the inside of the canoe while it was rocking gently in the water. These will be used in the interface for the project — if they turn out.

I have never seen a boat on this small lake. May have something to do with the 10 metres of goose "sludge" beneath the surface.

It was windier than expected. At first, we tried shooting from a bridge, looking down into Victoria Park Lake. But there was too much current and too much canoe movement to get the right shots.

Should we hang $30000 worth of equipment over the edge of this bridge?

Maybe not.

We headed upstream to a calm and shady location. Pouya and Kevin, wearing goose-dung-resistant clothing, reached out and held the canoe in place while I messed around with the tripods and cameras, angling them precariously over the bank of the river. The rest of the story is not very interesting since it involved taking the same shots over and over for a couple of hours. But what was interesting was the 1 km portage from Victoria Park to THEMUSEUM on King Street.

No beaver dams in sight.

Press that button and they will bring you pemmican.

Phew, a transition area.

The mayor's new yacht.

Our final destination at last. No more dirty looks -- not that we could see them.

It was difficult locking the canoe away, all by itself in the bowels of THEMUSEUM, which happens to be hosting a major exhibition of artifacts from the Titanic. But next week we’ll start dressing it up for its own show, which will be of less titanic proportions.

Nice shot, Sophia. A titanic shot, really.

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  1. Laurie Jones says:

    Looking forward to some posts about the “Myth of the steersman” and how it came to be at Rails End in Haliburton Dec 10 – Jan 21, 2012.

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