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Ghost Canoe

After a night of holding our breath while bears tramped around the camp site, we awoke at dawn and headed to Canoe Lake for a photo shoot. Perfect morning of mixed clouds, and the sun was just emerging as we … finish reading Ghost Canoe

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Christening: Testing the Waters

Last Sunday my neighbour Kevin and I packed the canoe onto his pickup and headed to Algonquin Park for the “christening.” We were paranoiacally careful with the tie-down, using thick towels beneath the straps and a foam pads all around. … finish reading Christening: Testing the Waters

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I forgot to mention a thrilling event that took place during the painting process. I was nearly finished sanding the canoe, working my way from the stern to the bow, when I noticed an off-coloured smudge adjacent to the copper … finish reading Archaeology

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Paint Job

The extent of my canoe painting knowledge before taking on the project was limited to Tom Thomson’s recipe: a tube of cobalt blue artist paint mixed into a can of gray canoe paint. So before tackling the paint job, I … finish reading Paint Job

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Uncle Kunkel’s Chestnut

The first step to get this project off the ground was to find a canoe. As I mentioned in the previous post, Tom had a very unique canoe (Chestnut Cruiser, probably) that is no longer manufactured. And he painted it … finish reading Uncle Kunkel’s Chestnut

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Tom’s Canoe

What a horse is to a cowboy, a 16-foot canvas-covered canoe is to Tom. (Dr. R.P. Little, “Some Recollections of Tom Thomson and Canoe Lake”) Tom Thomson came paddling past I’m pretty sure it was him And he spoke so … finish reading Tom’s Canoe

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